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【Agribus-Gminir】 Dual-frequency RTK-GNSS receiver


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■Product(inclu Packing Box)
Shipment Weight 490 (g)
Shipment Size 220 x 40  x 200 (mm)

・Dual-frequency high-performance active antenna (integrated antenna and cable / cable length 5m)
・USB power cable (1.5m)
・User's Manual

■About product

Dual-frequency RTK-GNSS receiver

The AgriBus-GMiniR, designed for ultra-high precision guidance with AgriBus-NAVI, is equipped with a dual-frequency RTK-GNSS/GPS module from u-blox and is capable of centimeter-level ultra-high precision positioning. The u-blox RTK-GNSS/GPS module can be used as a reference station, and can also be easily switched to a reference station via a dedicated application. The sensor-based path prediction and correction minimize positioning errors.

Dual-frequency RTK-GNSS module for high-precision positioning

The ZED-F9P is equipped with u-blox’ dual-frequency RTK-GNSS module ZED-F9P, while maintaining the palm-sized design. It can be used as either a reference or mobile station with RTK positioning.

Easier reference station operation

Ease of use as a reference station has been refined. The AgriBus-GMiniR can be operated as a stand-alone reference station by automatically connecting to the AgriBus-Caster. There is no need to prepare a separate PC or smartphone for reference station use. The ” AgriBus-GTools” application can easily switch between the mobile station and the reference station.

Equipped with gyro sensor and attitude sensor

The gyro sensor provides highly accurate path prediction, and the attitude sensor intelligently compensates for misalignments between the antenna position and the ground surface position caused by inclination. This minimizes positioning errors and improves the efficiency of agricultural work.





H74 D34 W126 (mm)


156 (g)


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz only)
Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE


Equipped with u-blox dual-frequency RTK-GNSS module ZED-F9P
Standalone positioning : Sub-meter Level, RTK positioning : Centimeter level
Supported GNSS : GPS(USA), MICHIBIKI(Japan), GLONASS(Russia), BeiDou(China), Galileo(Europe)
Switching between mobile station and reference station is possible with the dedicated application.
Equipped with gyroscope and posture sensor
Firmware update function


Dual-frequency high-performance active antenna (integrated antenna and cable / cable length 5m)
USB power cable (1.5m)
User's Manual