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■ What is "AgriBus"?

AgriBus is a product name that is on the prefix of a series of products to develop and sell by Agri Info Design, Ltd.

Agri: Agriculture / Agriculture Bus/ System modules derived from dedicated communication paths for exchanging data and control information.  

First of all from the application "AgriBus-Navi" download

It is a GPS Navi app for tractors that can be downloaded for free from GooglePlay.Easy to run the field "straight at regular intervals"It will be possible. First, please download it to your Android terminal!


■ What is "AgriBus-Store"?

AgriBus-Store is an online shop that sells an item that helps smart agriculture mainly with "AgriBus products".

for example···

  • AgriBus-GMiniR 
    "AgriBus-NAVI"If you run the tractor "straight at regular intervals", you can obtain higher precision location information.RTK positioning is easyis!
  • Agribus-Autosteer
    "AgriBus-NAVI"Steering steering to realize automatic steering of tractors. A hand-held tractorAutomatic steering tractor for about 1 million yenIt will be reborn.

In addition, a lineup of advantageous products that streamline agricultural machinery work such as tractors. In the future, we will also sell our recommended products of our select.


■About Agri Info Design, Ltd.

Operating Agricultural Information Design Co., Ltd. is established in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Atsushi Hirano, a representative, Ayuki Shibata, a representative. Guidance Navi app for agricultural machinery for the tractor, regardless of the level of agricultural persons, the tractor will run straight"AgriBus-NAVI"Released in February 2015. Since it leads to work efficiency and reducing material costs, it is supported by farmers around the world, and the number of downloads in equivalent apps is the best in the world.