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[Mounting bracket] for additional purchase for automatic steering package purchase


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A set of steering bosses for attaching a "steering motor" to the steering shaft and a fixed bracket for fixing the "steering motor".

【About delivery date】

After payment is confirmed, we will make a mounting bracket. Please note that the delivery date changes depending on the type of tractor.

If there is a mold of a metal fitting: about 4 weeks
If there is no mold of a metal fitting: about 8 weeks

[Production example of mounting bracket (MR 800 to 1000 series manufactured by Kubota Co., Ltd.)]

  • Steering boss (sticker connecting steering motor and steering shaft)
  • Fixed bracket 1 (bracket for fixing steering motor)
  • Fixed bracket 2 (bracket for fixing steering motor)

※. Notes.
Fixed brackets vary depending on the model. It is the case of the case as a case above, "MR 800 to 1000 series manufactured by Kubota". The shape and installation method of the fixed bracket differs depending on the model, so please check the enclosed composition.

[About metal fitting]

  • A dedicated "mounting bracket" is required for each model to install "steering motor" and "dedicated steering wheel". Since the structure around the steering wheel, such as the steering column, is different for each model, and we design and produce "mounting bracket" after measuring in advance, but in the case of models that have never been measured so far, we received an order We will measure the actual machine to be installed later. After that, I will design and manufacture and pay.
  • Design and production of "mounting brackets" have been requested by external partnerships, and we also carry out partner companies about measurements.
  • In the case of a model that has already been measured, it will be manufactured and paid without measure, but since the same model may change the structure during the manufacturing period, in addition to the information of the vehicle used during order I am asking you to send a picture around the vehicle and vehicle's steering wheel.
  • For more informationCheckpoint before purchasePlease refer to.

【installation method】

AGRIBUS-AUTOSTEER / K Owner's Manual-Installation Edition (Public Version)