[Agribus-Gminir utilization case] 4 pieces can be skipped! ~ Bando Farm ~

This is an example of the Bando Farm in Tokachi, which has realized the efficiency of agricultural work using RTK position using "Agribus-Gminir".

Field location: Mehomuro -cho, Kasai -gun, Hokkaido

Body: field crafts / vegetables

Management: Family management

Number of operators: Up to 3 people

Equipment used: Gminir & Dorogger

Use correction: RTK (NTRIP Caster uses RTK2GO)

Equipment introduction Organization (year of introduction): Tilling work in the fall of 2019.

I used to use guidance in DGPS/DGNSS correction, but I was dissatisfied with the shifting the standard line of work every time, and switched to RTK correction in search of a reference line that would not shift higher accuracy.


Status of use:

Used mainly in land and fertilization work by manual steering. It is also used for MF135+Tabata Planta (GNSS antenna is the work machine side) during sowing beans.


Huang Maruuchi is a GPS/GNSS antenna. Basically, it will be installed in the roof

Information collects information at the "Agribus-Navi Friends Association", and trial and error for stably use, such as the installation position of the antenna and the accurate aircraft height. Currently, an antenna is installed at the center of the aircraft, and the settings are used in a state that is less likely to be affected by gyro and the like by setting the set of aircraft to "0". Because it is a manual steering, it will be the main work of your own sense, but as you aimed, it seems that you have been able to work with relatively accurate accuracy.
I feel that the cost -effectiveness is high because the cost of introduction is low.

Benefits of use

Normally, I mainly worked on round -trip work, which is based on adjacent ridges,Use RTK to fly 4 work ridges as a triggerI did it. Of course,The work time has been greatly reduced and the fatigue and physical burden are reduceddid it. During the agricultural season, he was suffering from the tendonitis of his elbow, but after the introduction, it became much easier.

Before the introduction of the guidance, I was careful about the work when the morning mist and dusk after dusk were not so good, and actually had a flashlight on the opposite side of the field and had them make a landmark. However, it became much easier after using RTK guidance.

In the past, when working with planting and sowing, I went while looking far away, but thanks to the RTK guidance, I was able to see relatively close to tractors. In the conventional night work, the amount of light, such as work, was increased to look far away, but if only the RTK guidance could be seen around the tractor, the work could be replaced, so the worklight was replaced with a reduced light.

Thanks to that, I can work at night that is easy to see. I think this is also a by -product of RTK introduction.

Use plan for next season

Last year, we performed two multiple units, but next season, we will increase the number of equipment and try to operate three cars.


Cooperation with NMEA output and working machine manufacturers' controllers! (smile)


Thank you, Bando Farm, for the introduction of examples.

・ Reduced wasteful movement by skipping 4, increasing work efficiency, reducing burden
・ Work can be done even when visibility is not good, such as early in the morning or evening
・ You can drive near the work aircraft, not far away, and are friendly to your eyes.
・ I was able to grasp the progress by working history data

It was said that there was an unexpected effect, not just work efficiency.

In this way, if you use "AGRIBUS-GMINIR", RTK positioning can be easily done, and work efficiency, reduction burden, and work can be grasped.

Please use it!