[Agribus-Gminir utilization case] You can work at night! ~ Yamaki Farm ~

Field location: Takigawa City, Hokkaido

Cultivated area:28ha (11 ha, rice 7ha, buckwheat 3H, root vegetables and other 1 ha)

Management:Family management

Number of operators:Up to 4 people (2 people at all times, 1 seasonal employment, one temporary employee)

Used equipment:Agribus-gminir

Use correction:RTK (Hokuren)

Equipment introduction Organization (year of introduction):Introduced in 2019 as a guidance with low initial costs

Impression before introduction:I knew the usefulness of the guidance itself, so what is the function and operation feeling of "Agribus-navi"?

Status of use

Paddy rice dash (280cm rotary, crossing width 15cm set), wheat and soba sowing (drill)

Benefits of use

Since it can be used for night work, the degree of freedom has increased in allocation of working hours. Compared to other companies' guidance, inexpensive equipment was introduced with low initial costs.

1 day schedule (busy season)

  • Seedling management work starts in early May and early days and sunrise at around 5 am
  • During the day, management work for raising seedlings (800 tsubo 800 tsubo), mainly temperature control and irrigation
  • When only one or two of the work staff can be secured, spend a lot of time in seedling management work
  • Switch to work in the field when the temperature of the seedling house does not rise after 15:00
  • Work on the entire field to prevent water leakage, the first time in the rotary (2 to 3km/h)
* Before planting, the work speed is reduced by 1 speed as a landing work and the second time is performed.

Impression of night work

If you don't have to do it, you can't do it, but it's very effective to show the work trajectory in the guidance to do a substitute so that there is no leftovers. Even nearby producers have to work at night, so I think it's okay to introduce "Agribus-navi" and recommend it.

Use plan for next season

  • You can check the height difference between the fields with "Agribus-Web", so I want to use that function.
  • I bought "Agribus-Gminir", so I would like to try operation on multiple aircraft.


Please continue to sell equipment at a low price in the future! (smile)

Thank you, Yamaki Farm, for the introduction of the examples.

At night, you may need to work at night at the timing of weather and growth.

In such a case, while looking at the "Agribus-navi" screen, the work in RTK positioning will help the bad situation in the field of view.

Palm -sized GNSS/GPS receiver"Agribus-Gminir"
If you want to use ultra -high -precision RTK position like this Yamaki Farm, you can easily realize it by purchasing two units at the base station and a mobile station.

(Note: In addition, since the correction information transfer service "Agribus-Caster" is required, it is necessary to regularly purchase the "Agribus-Navi" standard plan (1,200 yen per month, 12,000 yen per year).)

As it is a popular product, we recommend purchasing as soon as possible while in stock!